Bingo Blitz Guide to Reach Level 70 Fast

Inbox Pounds, ySense, Swagbucks and other get-paid-to websites will pay you to play Bingo Blitz. All you have to do is reach level 70. This can be done is a little as four hours with tricks in this Bingo Blitz guide.
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Swagbucks Bingo Blitz Level 70 Game Guide

Sites that pay you to play Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz Level 70
Beat level 70, and the reward is yours!

The Bingo Blitz Guide

This Bingo Blitz guide was originally written to help people on r/beermoneyuk and r/Inbox_Pounds complete this offer as easily as possible. It has been updated a few times as others have completed the offer.

Swagbucks / Inbox Pounds / ySense Offer Details:

Official Requirements: Reach Player Level 70 within 7 days.

Reward: Usually between £45 and £55.

Did I complete it? Yes, completed it once on Inbox Pounds and once via Gaintplay. Proof of my payout from Inbox Pounds is below!

Time commitment expected: When collecting the screenshots for this guide, I completed it in ~4 hours of screen time over two days. See screen timer here: I usually play these games whilst I do not have control of the TV.

Bingo Blitz Payment Proof
My Inbox Pounds activity ledger showing my payment for completing level 70 (was £45 at the time).

Key aims & offer terms:

The reward for completing the Bingo Blitz offer on Prodege sites varies frequently, but the terms stay the same:

Level up yourself to level 70 (you do not have to reach the 70th game level).

Experience your online bingo game as you never have before, while going on a bingo games adventure, in Bingo Blitz. Install the app and reach Level 70 within 7 days to earn £55.

Here is a screenshot of the terms from Inbox Pounds:

Bingo Blitz Offer Terms on Inbox Pounds
The offer terms at the time of writing (August 2023)

The Very Brief Bingo Blitz Guide

There are two main things to do in Bingo Blitz to level up fast: use the free trial of Bingo Blitz+ and optimise your use of 2x experience boosters. Here’s a quick run down of how to do that. A more complete guide with pictures is below.

  • Activate the Blitz+ trial to get 300 extra credits and a lot of bonuses.
  • Play Bingo on four cards until you hit Athens and open up the “featured rooms” (this will take around 1.5-2 hours).
  • Once featured rooms are available, Collect 2x XP boosts from the Daily Quest Rewards.
  • Once you have the 2x XP timer, race to the featured rooms and max bet on four bingo cards to level up 2-3 levels per game. 
  • If you run out of 2x XP timer, stop playing high stakes and try to get another timer. This might involve waiting a day for the daily quests to reset.
  • Get to level 70, and £55 is yours. I’ve completed it twice in 4 hours over two days each time.

The Longer Bingo Blitz Guide

1 - Get started playing bingo in New York.

Download the game via your Get-paid-to site of choice. Click here to see the current offers.

  1. Play through the tutorial.
  2. You will start in London. And you will have the “Daub Alert” boost timer active.
  3. Play 4-card bingo at maximum bet (4 credits in New York). To make things easier, change the view to show four cards at a time.
Bingo Blitz Getting Started
You can choose to play with 1-4 bingo cards. I went with 4.

2 - Learn to play Bingo Blitz efficiently

There’s really two goals to each round of Bingo Blitz:

  • Gaining XP to level up – you gain XP by daubing numbers and by winning Bingo.
  • Gaining B credits to play more Bingo games.

You gain both by daubing numbers and calling bingo. But there are several ways to boost how much you get.

1. Activate the Free Trial of Bingo Blitz+

The one-month free trial of Bingo Blitz+ is how you complete this offer easily. Activate it, complete the offer, and then cancel your trial/subscription. With the trial, you get:

  • 300 bonus B credits – the coins needed to play Bingo.
  • Access to special “featured rooms” – these bingo games allow you to gain 3-4 levels a game.
  • Extra bonuses for completing the “Daily Quests”.

Do not forget to cancel your Blitz+ trial when you have completed the game.

Bingo Blitz+ Free Trial
To activate Bingo Blitz+ trial, click the hamburger menu found on the top right of the screen. Then click "Bingo Blitz PLUS" and follow the instructions.

2. Use the “Boost Daub” Power-ups Effectively

Power-ups are bonuses that you can activate in each game. To use a Power-Up, daub three numbers to charge the Power-Up Meter (in the top right corner of the game screen). Once charged, a random Power-Up appears for you to click and use. Afterwards, the meter goes into a Cool Down phase before recharging again.

To use the power-ups most effectively:

  • Do not daub unless your boost timer is at zero. Then quickly daub 3 numbers to activate the boost. Then wait for the timer to reset.
  • Make sure to collect the free power-up daubs that are available.
  • The best daub boost is the “Double XP”.
Bingo Blitz Power Daubs
The free power pack gives power ups every 2 hours!

3. Do not call “bingo” until you have to.

Calling bingo removes that board from play. So do not call bingo until late game (it is better to continue daubing numbers on the board than to remove that board from play). I usually started calling Bingo on my cards when there were ~10-15 Bingos left to claim.

As the game timer runs out, daub everything to collect as much XP as you can and call Bingo to ensure you get the maximum amount of B credit/XP rewards.

4. Activate the four-card view for faster daubing:

From the main screen, tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Click “Settings”

Tap the “four-card view” button to activate it.

Bingo Blitz 4 Card View
Activate the four card view for easier daubing!

5. Use the Boost Timers for Maximum XP Gain

There are two main boost timers (See picture below):

  • Daub Alert: this one makes numbers flash if they have been called. With it, you can easily see what numbers you can tap! Usually get a few days of this to start, and can get 24 hours boost often
  • 2x XP: this one double all experience points and is needed to complete Bingo Blitz. Fast.

The 2x XP boost is rarer. It is collected by completing Daily Quests and sometimes by playing the special mini games. Collecting and using these boosts at the right time is what makes this Bingo Blitz offer very easy! Do not collect the 2x XP boost until you are able to play the Featured rooms.

Bingo Blitz Boost Timers
Here is a picture showing the Boost Timers active. They're circled and have arrows pointing at them!

3 - Race to Athens to Unlock the Featured Rooms

  1. Keep playing Bingo with 4 cards and maximum bet until you reach Athens. You can’t bet too much until you reach higher levels, so don’t worry about that.
  2. As you progress towards Athens, you should be levelling up.
  3. Once you reach Athens, you will unlock the featured rooms. The featured rooms allow you to bet higher and earn more XP.
Bingo Blitz Featured Rooms
The featured rooms. I forgot to take this picture. This is after completing the offer.

4 - Collect some 2x XP Boost Timers

  • Collect some 2X XP Timer boosts by completing the Daily Quests

These can be found in the Rewards section of the Daily Quests (task list found on the bottom right of the main screen).

The Daily Quests are unavailable until you reach level 7 (around Madrid). You can complete the first set of tasks whenever. But do not collect the rewards until you have reached the featured rooms. Here are the first two that come up when I played (they might change).
If you have not completed the quests, click the city icon on this page, and it will take you there to play.
Bingo Blitz Daily Quests
Bingo Blitz Daily Quests
  • Collect your rewards and get some 2x XP boost timer.

Once you have completed the Daily Quests, collect the bonuses on the Rewards Tab. If you complete both tasks, then there should be three 2X XP timers that you can collect. This will give you 30 minutes of 2x XP. As soon as you have these, go wild on max bet, four-card Bingo in the featured rooms.


Here is the first one at level 3 reward (collect the others at level 7 and 14):

Bingo Blitz 2x XP Boost
The first 2x XP boost timer is available at Reward Level 3

5 - Blitz the Levels Playing in the Featured Rooms

  1. Go to the featured rooms.
  2. Go wild with max card, max bet on your chosen Featured room.

This should gain you 2-3 levels per game, and most times you should win back the credits you spend to enter. In fact, as you are increasing in levels each game, your bingo credit balance should really be growing each time.

I went from level 17 to 37 very quickly, and increased my coins from ~600 to ~1000. You should manage to get to level 50 or so within the 30 minutes.

Keep playing until your 2x XP timer runs out.

Gameplay Level 17
I was level 17 when I started playing the featured rooms with 2x XP.
Gameplay Level 37
I quickly shot up to level 37 before my XP boost ran out.
Bingo Blitz Legendary Round
If you manage to activate a double XP daub within the game, you will be able to jump up 3-4 levels every round of bingo.

6 - When your 2x XP Boost Runs Out, Hunt for Another!

  1. Stop playing high stakes as soon as your 2x XP boost timer runs out,
  2. Go back to lower stakes to complete additional Daily Quests and collect another 2x XP boost.
  3. If you do not have any daily quests to do, put the game away and come back tomorrow
  4. Check the mini-games to see if 2x XP boost timers are also available there. Currently, it is a lemonade game and I am not sure if it gives 2x XP. It might.
  5. As soon as you get the 2x XP timer, repeat the above and blast your way to level 70 for the £55 payout!
Bingo Blitz Level 70
I actually skipped Level 70 and landed on 71!

7 - Don't Forget to Cancel Your Blitz+ Trial

You do not want or need to pay for this.

8 - Wait for the Offer to go "Pending"

Bingo Blitz usually updates overnight. So leave it a day and it should appear in your get-paid-to site account.

9 - Withdraw Your Cash Reward!

If you complete this offer on Inbox Pounds, ySense or Swagbucks then your reward payment will remain in a pending state for 30 days. This is an anti-fraud measure to prevent people from creating multiple accounts and completing the game more than once. After 30 days, you will be able to withdraw your pennies from Inbox Pounds. Spend them wisely.

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