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The best UK survey apps

In the UK survey apps tend to pay less than survey websites (I made a list of the good desktop survey sites here). But they can be a good way to earn some money when you are on the move. I started off using survey apps when I was on the bus heading in to work in town and would celebrate if I ever made my bus fare up. But I also use these when I am out and about and have a few minutes to kill. Or when I am on the toilet. Or when my Mrs has the TV control and I don’t want to get the laptop out. 

Over the years, I’ve signed up for almost every survey site and app around. I give them all a good try and stick with the ones I like.

Below is my listing of survey apps based on my experience chugging away answering random questions about cheese or whether or not I have influence over purchasing decisions for printers at my work. Various iterations of this list have been posted on r/beermoneyuk, and it tends to change as I fall in and out of favour with various sites (or if they fall out of favour with me!).

The main UK survey apps I use

I do most of my mobile surveys on YouGov and Attapoll. I use YouGov because they pay £5 for connecting bank accounts to YouGov Finance, and the surveys allow me to reach the payment threshold quicker. And I use the Attapoll survey app because it always has surveys available.



Scrimpr review: Attapoll is one of the oldest survey apps available (founded in 2016). The app is very basic and could do with an update. But the low cash-out threshold makes this one of the best survey apps to use.

Attapoll offers surveys from a large range of survey providers. Most are about consumer spending. But there is the occasional interesting survey. It also has an almost never-ending list of opportunities.

Earning potential: ~£1-2 per day.



Scrimpr review: YouGov is probably the most famous UK survey apps. Their surveys are usually political in nature, and results are often reported in the news. Invitations are emailed so there is no need to check the site.

YouGov is a slow burners with a few surveys available per week, but YouGov finance provides a way to boost your balance by connecting your bank accounts (£5 per account).

Earning potential: a £50 payment ~3 months.

Other survey apps I check

This section contains the other survey apps I tend to check (or get survey notifications from). Some of them (Google Opinion Rewards) are worth doing any time you get a notification, and others are good for some baseline survey earnings. 

Google Opinion Rewards


Scrimpr review: Google Opinion Rewards is available on both Android and iOS devices. It offers short surveys about places you have visited or products you have bought/searched for.

Opinion Rewards is probably one of the quickest-paying apps around. But Android users are forced to withdraw via Google Play Credit. Goolge Play credit can be swapped for cash via TapJoy on Freecash.

Earning potential: ~£5 / month



Scrimpr review: I’ve been a member of iSay for years. iSay email out survey invitations. But you can also check the app and the website to see if there are any questions to answer.

iSay has a low withdrawal threshold of £5. But sometimes it does send you on a loop of qualifying questions. At my peak I was earning a £10 voucher every month.

Earning potential: £10 / month.

Prime Opinion


Honest review: Prime Opinion is a new survey site with a mobile-optimised website. It suggests surveys for you based on your profile and gives a good indication of the time they take to complete.

Since it’s new I have only earned £5 from the site, but the withdrawal threshold is from as little as £1 (the first withdrawal amount depends on which sign-up promotion you choose).

Earning potential: ~£10 / month



Honest review: Qmee ranks on almost every list of survey sites/apps that you can find on the internet. And with good reason. The no minimum withdrawal to PayPal  makes this app a favourite with a lot of people.

If you go at it with Qmee, you will activate a 10% boost on your earnings. You can also increase your earnings by clicking on ads with the Qmee Google Chrome addon.

Earning potential: ~£5-10 / month

Get-paid-to apps that also offer surveys

Anyone that knows me from  r/beermoneyuk will know that I love signing up for apps and services for cash. And I love playing games for cash. The apps that offer these promotions are known as Get-Paid-To (or GPT) sites. Most of them have apps, and most of them also have some good surveys available. I tend to stick to the surveys from YourSurveys and CPX Research. For a more complete list of GPT sites, check out the Scrimpr Get-Paid-To page.



Scrimpr review: Freecash is one of the largest Get-Paid-To sites around. It is also one of the highest paying. I usually use sites like Freecash for signing up to things (it isn’t very good for games).

But Freecash also provides access to CPX Surveys and a few other survey router companies. I occasionally check CPX for high-paying surveys and do them when they appear. But avoid Pollfish at all costs.

Earning potential: lots if you sign up to things.

Inbox Pounds


Scrimpr review: Inbox Pounds is the UK-focussed version of Swagbucks (they are owned/operated by the same company). I earned over £400 completing game offers in 2022.

I use Inbox Pounds for the game offers, and I write up guides for most of the ones I complete. There is a £10 withdrawal threshold, but most offers pay more than this. Surveys are an easy way to boost earnings

Earning potential: lots if you play the games.



Scrimpr review: Inbox Pounds, Swagbucks and ySense are all owned by Prodege (one of the largest marketing companies around). Swagbucks is US-focussed, but still available to UK users. 

I started off using Swagbucks years ago, but switched to Inbox Pounds because it paid more for the same offers. Currently, Swagbucks has a promotion and the sites pay the same.

Earning potential: lots if you play the games.



Scrimpr review: ySense is the international version of Inbox Pounds. But, just like Swagbucks, it is available to UK users. Weirdly, it shows credits as “dollars”. But each of these dollars are equivalent to £1.

The best thing about ySense is that it allows users to boost their earnings (from all sources) by completing a daily checklist. The checklist includes completing a couple of surveys and some sign up offers.

Earning potential: lots if you play the games.

New(ish) UK Survey apps with near-endless survey opportunities

I mostly use Attapoll when I’m wasting time grinding away at surveys. But recently, there have been a lot of new survey apps popping up. I’ve given them all a quick go, and they aren’t much different to Attapoll. They all offer standard consumer surveys – nothing exciting here – and they pay no better and no worse than anywhere else. Just be careful to only choose surveys that have a pay rate that you are happy with (my limit is about £0.50 per 5 minutes).

Because these are all so new, I have not properly reviewed them.

Cash Baron

Curious Cat


Poll Pay

Survey Pop

Survey Spin

And the rest...

Here’s the rest of the survey apps available in the UK. I used them all at one point or another, but don’t use them anymore.

Branded Surveys UK Survey Apps

Branded Surveys

Scrimpr review: Branded Surveys is a very popular survey site/app. They get good reviews all over the internet. But they do not like my shoe size.

Cheddar Surveys UK Survey Apps


Scrimpr review: This is a US-focussed survey app. I managed to complete a few surveys, but the payment in USD puts me off.

Lifepoints UK Survey Apps


Honest review: Lifepoints is one of the more widely promoted survey sites. But I never had much luck with it. Sign up and see how you get on.

MOBROG UK Surveys App Logo


Scrimpr review: This is another app that I have never taken for a proper spin. Maybe one day.

Pure Profile UK Survey Apps

Pure Profile

Scrimpr review: Pure Profile has a lot of small surveys that pay between £0.10 and £0.50. Takes a while to cash out.

Streetbees UK Survey Apps


Scrimpr review: Streesbees is an app that offer chat-style surveys. Each survey pays direct to PayPal!

Toluna Surveys UK Survey Apps


Scrimpr review: I used to use this app a lot in a past life. It has short polls and longer surveys. But other sites pay more.

Vetri Surveys UK Survey Apps


Scrimpr review: This app claims to pay more than any other. That is a lie. Quite a big lie at that.

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