Learn the BeermoneyUK way and earn/save some money online

In my spare time, I live on and help to moderate r/beermoneyuk on Reddit. BeerMoneyUK is a community of 100k scrimpers, savers, and money-makers who are dedicated to helping others in the United Kingdom make extra money through various online activities.

  • Guides, tips and announcements on the best ways to earn and save a little money online, or with various apps/services.
  • Recurring posts of refer-a-friend sign up offers.

We run a tight ship on BeermoneyUK and only allow legitimate ways to earn money (example posts below). Many of these are “refer-a-friend” offers from financial apps/services, but online surveys, cashback programs, and get-paid-to play (my favourite) offers also feature heavily. When you visit beermoneyuk, you will see that many offers are posted every 5 days. This is to allow different people the chance to post an offer and share their offers.

Although the continuous stream of offers is the most well-known feature of beermoneyuk, the best part of the subreddit is the active and supportive community. BeermoneyUK members share their tips, success stories, and recommendations. Likewise, we also share the bad experiences! This allows redditors to learn from each other’s experiences in a safe and supportive environment, whilst discovering new opportunities they might not have come across. BeerMoneyUK is also known as the first place to hear about new offers in the UK. Yes – new offers appear on r/beermoneyuk before they reach HotUKDeals.

Other ways to earn money online

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Online surveys

Get paid to answer questions

User Testing

Get paid to test websites/apps

Get-Paid-To (GPT) Sites

Game & sign up offers

Market research

Get paid for your thoughts.