I’m cheap as chips. I like money and I like making the most of what I have. I made this site to help others do the same. I can usually be found on BeermoneyUK on Reddit.

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Scrimp and Save

Make the most of your money. Make it go further.

Sometimes, the easiest way to live a little larger is to look after what you already have. Make it go further using combinations of discounts codes and cashback services. We’ve got tools to help you.

Make Money online

Earn a little money, online, in your spare time

There are many ways to earn a little extra cash online. Explore the many ways to boost your income in small chunks of time. Some is boring, but some of it (playing games) is fun!

New Customer Bribes

Get paid to try new apps and services.

Banks compete with each other by offering bribes to entice customers to switch their main provider. But there’s many financial technology (FinTech) companies, and a lot of them offer bribes too.

Money Earning Megalists

Very long lists of all of the easy ways to make money with your phone or your computer, and without mad skills.

Beermoney Tools

Things I made to help me save or earn a little more money where I can… I figure they might help others too.

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Beermoney Tools

Octopus Energy Tracker

Compare today’s price of energy on the Octopus Energy Tracker Tariff and see how much you could save. The graphs on this page show the

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Scrimpr Bank Account Comparison - Find The Highest Interest Rates
Beermoney Tools

UK Bank Accounts Comparison

There are many banks to choose from. It’s almost annoying. We put together a comprehensive comparison of UK bank account interest rates, perks and rewards.

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Reviews of Get-paid-to Rewards Sites

“Get-paid-to” websites are online reward platforms that pay people to do a variety of tasks like download apps, sign up for new services, and play games. I use a lot of these to boost my income, but some are better than others.

Freecash Scrimpr Review UK
Get-paid-to Review

Freecash Review

Freecash Review & Guide to Earn Spare Cash in the UK, 2024 Freecash is one of the most popular websites/apps for earning a little extra

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Guides for Making Your Money Go Further