Octopus Tracker Price Comparison. Keep up to date with the price of energy on the tariff that tracks wholesale rates. See the history.

By integrating real-time energy pricing and innovative energy-saving solutions, the Octopus Tracker tariff allows consumers to harness the power of agile energy markets. Over the past year, prices have been ~30% cheaper than the Ofgem cap. But rates can go up as well as down. See the latest Octopus Tracker prices here, and compare the cost to the capped Flexible Tariff.

Save on energy costs with the Octopus Energy Tracker Tariff

The Octopus Energy Tracker tariff offers customers access to gas & electricity at prices that are below the government cap. These prices follow wholesale rates, and are currently ~30-40% cheaper than the cap. You can get a £50 bonus when you switch to Octopus Energy (see FAQs), and then benefit from energy prices that track wholesale rates. But beware that rates could go above the cap.

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This page provides a comparison of the Octopus Energy Tracker Tariff and the Octopus Energy Flexible Tariff, and the Octopus Energy Loyal Fixed Price Tariff. The Flexible Tariff is Octopus’s government cap tariff.  The graphs were made using a little bit of magic via and the Octopus Energy REST API. If you want to see data for any other Octopus Tariffs, send me a message on Reddit and I will see what I can do.

Note: The data on this page updates daily, and headline costs/savings are posted to here on Reddit. You can also follow me on Twitter too.

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Today's Octopus Tracker Cost (Unit Rates)

The bar chart below uses the most recent data provided by Octopus to show today’s unit rates for gas and electricity on the Octopus Tracker tariff, the Octopus Flexible Tariff (the Ofgem cap tariff), and the fixed price Loyal tariff. By default, unit rates shown are national averages – averages of each region in the UK. But you can show the rates for your region by selecting your area in the filter below.

You can see historical unit rates for your region by clicking here. For more information on how to join the Tracker tariff read our FAQs

Use the drop down box to set the graph to display your region and energy usage:
ALL FIXED (I had changed the order of the plot, and that messed with the region filter!)

Octopus Tracker Price History

These graphs show national average unit rates for gas and electricity over the past year (these will sometimes show tomorrow’s rate too). You can zoom in on specific regions of the graph, scroll back in time, etc…

In case you were wondering, I don’t work for Octopus Energy. I just read about the Tracker tariff on r/beermoneyuk and signed up because it made sense for me to do so. And then I made these tools so that I and other people on Reddit can track the prices (it initially started with a Google Looker Dashboard that you can find here). If you sign up with my refer-a-friend link*, we will both get a £50 bill credit from Octopus (or you can enter the referral code glad-frog-421). And maybe I will be able to afford to keep this website going.

Frequently Asked Questions about Octopus Energy and the Tracker tariff

To gain access to the tracker rates, you must:​

No. You do not need smart meters to join Octopus and receive the £50 bill credit. However, you need smart meters to join the Tracker tariff.

Because wholesale gas & electricity prices are currently lower than fixed rate prices. Octopus allows customers to pay these rates (with a margin built in for Octopus’ profit)

Yes. That is why I built the comparison dashboard. Keep an eye on prices, and if they go above the cap then you can switch back to the Flexible tariff. However, if you leave the Tracker, you cannot rejoin it for 9 months.

Yes. To switch back, you just choose a different tariff on your account page. Alternatively, email or phone Octopus. However, Octopus states switching to another Octopus Energy tariff may take two weeks.

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