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UKPersonalFinance is an online community of new and long-time enthusiasts who like to manage their finances. The subreddit is an invaluable platform where anyone can tap into the collective knowledge of over 1 million Redditors (but there's some trick's below that they don't tell you!).
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If I ever need information about managing my personal finances, there is one place I always look first. It’s not Martin Lewis’s old site, its r/UKPersonalFinance on Reddit. UKPersonalFinance is a Reddit community and Wiki website ( dedicated to discussing and sharing various aspects of personal finance in the UK. It serves as a community where people can find and share advice on most money-related matters. In my opinion, its the place that people find after they develop a keen interest in looking after their money. And when they want specific or detailed advice (which places like MoneySavingExpert can’t really provide).

What you can expect to find on UKpersonalfinance

First and foremost, UKPersonalFinance is an online community/message board with content provided by fellow Redditors. Redditors ask questions about finance/money, Redditors answer questions. Here’s an overview of the types of topics you can can typically find on the “UKpersonalfinance” subreddit:

Lots of questions

UKPersonalFinance encourage Redditors to ask questions about finance. If there were no questions, there would be no answers!

Financial advice on everything!

Members of the UKpersonalfinance subreddit often seek and provide advice on a wide range of financial topics, tailored to the UK financial landscape. These topics include:

  • Budgeting: strategies and tips for creating and managing a budget to effectively handle income and expenses.
  • Saving: advice on saving money, building an emergency fund, and reaching short-term and long-term savings goals.
  • Investing: including discussions on the various platforms available in the UK, and the different investments options (i.e., stocks, bonds, property and pensions).
  • Retirement planning:  discussions on planning for retirement, including pension options, retirement accounts, and strategies for a comfortable retirement.
  • Taxes:  guidance on understanding and managing taxes in the UK, including tax planning and optimization.
  • Debt management: strategies and experiences relating to effectively managing and paying off various types of debt (e.g. credit cards, mortgages, student loans).

General Financial Education

The community often shares educational resources and tools to enhance financial literacy and help individuals make informed financial decisions. For example, the community moderators have created a very helpful tool, The UKPersonalFinance Flowchart. This step-by-step resource acts as a very handy guide for managing personal finances in the UK.

Keep in mind that while the “UKpersonalfinance” subreddit can be a valuable resource for financial advice and discussions, the information provided by fellow Redditors should be taken as general guidance. For specific financial decisions or situations, it’s always a good idea to consult with a qualified financial advisor or expert who can provide personalized advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

UKPersonalFinance or BeermoneyUK - which subreddit is better?

I am very biased in my opinion here. I vote r/beermoneyuk

But these two communities actually serve slightly different purposes.

  1. UKPersonalFinance is more focused on budgeting, saving, and investing.
  2. BeermoneyUK is more focussed on way to earn extra income. 

Many of the methods discussed on the two subreddits overlap. This is because a lot of the methods for “earning” money on r/BeermoneyUK are also considered good financial practices. For example, utilizing cashback cards and schemes to maximise savings.  There are a lot of finance companies that will pay people to sign up to apps/services and these are recommended as an easy way for people to earn a little extra. These kind of offers are loved by the BeermoneyUK community, but not as much on UKPersonalFinance. UKPersonalFinance also do not like to promote sites that discuss these methods. That means that many of the tricks and tips we share on r/BeermoneyUK rarely get discussed on UKPersonalFinance, although they do occasionally appear.


Tips and Tricks for Making The Most of Your Finances from BeermoneyUK

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