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The best get-paid-to reward sites in the UK

Get-Paid-To (or GPT) sites are one of the easiest ways to make a little money online. These sites are a form of loyalty programme that pays users to do a variety of tasks online. Whilst GPT sites have millions of members all over the world, they will not make you rich. But they can be an easy way to make a little extra cash in your spare time. I use them in my spare time to make a little beermoney that helps out when times are tough, or when I just want to splash out on something I otherwise wouldn’t.

But you may be wondering – “Get-paid-to” do what, exactly? The list is almost endless, but from best to worst:

  • Play games
  • Sign up to try new apps/services
  • Get cashback from shopping
  • Submit receipts
  • Watch videos
  • Answer surveys
  • Search the web

Although there are lots of different tasks, I only use GPT sites to complete the game and sign up offers. As I complete these offers, I write guides and post them on r/beermoneyuk and various other places on Reddit. Other types of tasks on GPT sites are better done on specialised websites. For example, surveys on GPT sites often pay a lot less than those on specialised survey websites. Cashback rates are usually beaten by the main cashback websites (Topcashback and Quidco). But game and sign-up offers are only usually found on GPT sites.

Here are some example offers that I have completed:

  • £55 to play Bingo Blitz via Inbox Pounds
  • £30 to play Raid: Shadow Legends via RewardXP
  • £20 to sign up to Parimatch via ySense.
  • £150 for signing up to via Inbox Pounds.

And below is my list of the best get-paid-to sites in the UK. Don’t believe the other lists on the internet, most are lies (for lack of a better word).

My favourite get-paid-to sites. There are alternatives listed further down, but these 8 are the ones I use the most.

If you only join two, join these:

The best get-paid-to reward sites in the UK

ySense (Prodege)


Scrimpr review: ySense is the international version of Inbox Pounds/Swagbucks. It has a nice app with additional tasks and gives a bonus of up to 16% on earnings.

Exclusive offers are the same on all Prodege sites. But ySense also provides access to offerwalls like RevU and MyChips. They sometimes have “double” payment offers.

Offer guides: check out the r/Inbox_Pounds subreddit.



Scrimpr review: Freecash is always one of the the highest paying GPT sites. It provides access to hundreds of offers from 12 offer walls. Recently started offering “exclusives”.

Although it is the highest paying site, some users are wrongly banned for VPN use, so be wary that any use of a VPN or public internet connection may ruin your account.

Offer guides: check out the r/beermoneyuk subreddit.

But these ones are also worth joining (especially if you have a second phone and can complete offers again on a different platform):

Inbox Pounds (Prodege)


Scrimpr review: Inbox Pounds is the UK-focussed version of Swagbucks (they are owned/operated by the same company). I earned over £400 completing game offers in 2022. 

Most of the offers are exclusive mobile game offers, and I write up guides for most of the ones I complete. There is an initial £10 withdrawal threshold, but most offers pay more than this.

Offer guides: check out the r/Inbox_Pounds subreddit.





Scrimpr review: RewardXP is another high-paying GPT site. It usually rivals Freecash for the top spot, but has less offerwalls available. It makes up for that by not charging PayPal withdrawal fees

RewardXP also has a “levelling up” system that rewards loyal users with discounted redemptions and increased referral earnings. But a lot of points are needed to achieve this.

Offer guides: check out the r/beermoneyuk subreddit.





Scrimpr review: Swagbucks is the most well-known get-paid-to site. It’s is owned by the same company as Inbox Pounds and ySense (Prodege). So it provides access to the same exclusive offers.

Until 2022, 1 Swagbuck could be redeemed for $1. But Swagbucks increased the rate, and now 1 Swagbuck can be redeemed for £1. UK users may be better with Inbox Pounds.

Offer guides: check out the r/Inbox_Pounds subreddit.



Scrimpr review: Earnably is a UK-based GPT sites, owned by some company in Wales. It is usually joint with RewardXP in the offerwall rankings (either joint first or joint second depending on the offerwall).

For some reason, UK users are penalised for withdrawing in GBP. The best cashout option is via US dollars to PayPal, and then converting in PayPal. We don’t know why.

Offer guides: check out the r/beermoneyuk subreddit.

Maximise your earnings with the GPT search engine

We curate all offers from the best get-paid-to websites in a single searchable database. They let you find out which site pays the highest rewards for any offer! Click the images below to visit the database for wherever you are in the world!

These sites are legitimate, but they usually pay less money for offers than the sites listed above. You can track if these sites are worth using for for any particular offer on the Get-Paid-To Search Engine (click here if you are in the US). Alternatively, you can see a summary of how much each site pays for various offerwalls on our Offerwall Rankings. But if you do not want to stay on top of things, you are best sticking with the sites listed above (Inbox Pounds/ySense/Swagbucks, Freecash, RewardXP, and Earnably).  

Full list of Get-Paid-To Websites

Scrimpr review: usually pays poorly for most offers, but occasionaly has promotions that boost earnings. 


Scrimpr review: Another low-paying site, and with an awful website to boot. Pays less than most other places unless there is a promotion.


Scrimpr review: Nice site, but it has never paid enough for us to consider using it (beyond checking that it pays – which it does).


Scrimpr review: Lootgain provides access to 10 offerwall sites. But it pays poorly


Scrimpr review: Lootup only provides access to the RevU offerwall. Maybe one day it will have more.

Prize Rebel

Scrimpr review: Another site with lots of offerwalls, but that pays that pays <70% of what the top sites pay.

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