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Inbox Pounds, ySense, Swagbucks and other get-paid-to websites will pay you to play Merge Dragons. All you have to do is reach level 600 Dragon Power. The Scrimpr guide makes this easy.
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Get paid to play Merge Dragons

Puzzles & Survival is a mobile strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly virus has turned people into zombies. The game is a blend of the classic “city builder” and tile-matching genres. At its core is a sanctuary that players must develop in order to progress. The Sanctuary is your home base where you’ll build facilities needed to survive, research new technologies, and train troops and heroes to fight off zombies. The main campaign is a series of puzzle-matching games where you put your heroes to use battling zombies.

Puzzles & Survival is an okay way to waste time on your phone. But it is heavily geared towards pay-to-play players, who will raid other players via the world map. The game developers make so much money from this kind of paying player that they pay advertisers substantial rewards to convince new users to sign up. Some of these advertisers (Inbox Pounds, Swagbucks, ySense, Freecash, RewardXP, etc.) will pass on some of this money to players and effectively pay people to play the game.

On Reddit, we like earning a little cash for playing games and we write guides to help others do the same. Puzzles and Survival is one of the easiest city builders to earn a little money from. Currently, several sites are paying £60 to new players who download Puzzles & Survival and complete level 17 (reach level 18). This can be completed in around 11-12 days with the tips and tricks below.

Sites that pay you to play Merge Dragons

The GPT Search Engine - Merge Dragons

The Merge Dragons Guide

Like all of the game guides on here, this Merge Dragons guide was originally written to help people on r/beermoneyuk and r/Inbox_Pounds complete this offer as easily as possible. It has been updated a few times as I and others have completed the offer.

Swagbucks / Inbox Pounds / ySense Offer Details:

Official Requirements: Reach 600 Dragon Power.

Reward: £40.

Did I complete it? Yes, it took me 11-12 days!

Schpiel: Another merge game, with some puzzle levels too. Dragon Power comes from buying dragon eggs and merging up dragons. The easiest way to complete this offer is to stick to buying Crimson dragon eggs.

Merge Dragons Paymenet Proof - Swagbucks, Inbox Pounds, ySense
My Inbox Pounds activity ledger showing my payment for reaching 600 dragon power (was £50 at the time).

Key aims & offer terms:

The reward for completing the Merge Dragons offer on Prodege sites varies frequently, but the terms stay the same: Reach 600 Dragon Power in the camp section of the game (there are campaign levels to, but you do not have to focus on those). The most fun merging game you’ll ever play! Merge eggs, plants, fruits, magical items and the creatures to create new magic. Reach Dragon Power 600 to earn £40, Here is a screenshot of the terms from Inbox Pounds:
Merge Dragons Terms on Inbox Pounds / Swagbucks / ySense
The offer terms at the time of writing (September 2023)

The Very Brief Merge Dragons Guide

This is the quick guide to Merge Dragons. I will soon add the full guide, but until then, you can find it at  r/Get-Paid-To-Play on Reddit.


      1. Play campaign to Challenge 10.

        Complete challenge 10 and, on the third go, double up the rewards to get 2 Level 4 Crimson dragons.

      2. Whilst doing the above, turn your camp into a fruit tree farm.

        Start off uncovering seeds, let these sprout into saplings, and merge in 5s for fruit trees. Merge up to raspberry trees. Harvest trees for fruit, and fruit for gold. Merge coins up.

      3. First focus on getting as many dragons as you can (cheaply).

        Once you have a load of dragons, switch focus to Crimson dragons and only purchase those. The aim is to merge up three Level 4 Crimsons in camp (so you have five in total). Merge these 5 and boom you are done.

      • Do it faster


        Purchase the £0.99 starter pack that pops up in the camp on Day 1. It gives a life tree that you can harvest to uncover all of the land fast. This will unlock many seeds and allow you to build your fruit farm quickly.

      • Let your dragons do the work


        Once you have three raspberry trees and a load of dragon houses, sell absolutely everything. Leave your phone on and the dragons will do the work harvesting the trees/fruit. All you will need to do is merge the coins, collect, and buy dragon eggs.


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