Student Discount Search Engine

Unidays or Student Beans or Totum - which student discount platform is better?

In the UK, student discounts are widely available to those enrolled in a university or college program. These discounts are available from Unidays or Student Beans or Totum. The offers can range from reductions on transportation, entertainment, food, and even technology products. These discounts are given to students as a way to attract their business and to help those who may be on a limited budget (yeah right!). To take advantage of these discounts, students either have to show a valid student ID card or register with a student discount platform.

Unidays and Student Beans are two popular student discount platforms in the UK. But there are more. These kind of platforms offer a wide range of discounts and deals from various brands and retailers, including fashion, beauty, technology, and travel. Some offers appear on both sites, and some offers are exclusive to one of the other. With the student engine, you can find out which platform offers the best discount for any retailer.

How the student discount search engine works

Behind the student discount search engine is a very large spreadsheet that contains all of the details of current offers from the most popular student discount website. It automatically gets data from:

Search for the shop you are planning on spending at, and see what offers are available on each of the sites.

The Student Discount Search Engine

A big searchable table of UK student discounts.