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Freecash Review & Guide to Earn Spare Cash in the UK, 2024

Freecash is one of the most popular websites/apps for earning a little extra money online. But is it any good? We think so, and have received a fair amount of money for a long list of tasks that we have completed. But it can be frustrating if you don’t know how it works, what to expect, or how to set up your phone/device to be in with the best chance of things working out correctly. Hopefully our review and guide will tell you all there is to know.


Freecash Offerwall App & Review

Review Summary
Freecash reward platform

Name: Freecash

Operating System: Web (All devices), Android

Application Category: Get-Paid-To, GPT, Earn Money Apps

  • User Experience
  • Offer Variety
  • Earning potential
  • Support

One of the best get-paid-to sites, but with the worst support.

Freecash stands out as one of the fastest-growing and largest task reward platforms. Its users with a vast selection of over 2500 paid opportunities, from 16 different offerwall partners. These are are collated on a fresh and easy-to-use website and an Android app. And withdrawals are fast (instant, unless you hit your withdrawal limit). However, it falls far short in providing direct support. When things go smoothly, its great. But when offers fail to track correctly, Freecash support is almost non-existent, which kind of detracts from the overall experience.


  • Access to 16 different offerwall partners.
  • Over 2500 different tasks.
  • Has some of the highest-paying offers.
  • Nice, easy-to-use Android app.
  • Very fast withdrawal.


  • 4% fee on PayPal withdrawals
  • Freecash support is useless.
User Review
4 (2 votes)

Is Freecash the Highest Paying Get-Paid-To Platform?

Sometimes Freecash pays more than all other similar apps. But most of the time, it only pays more for certain tasks. Because the rewards on all platforms change so often, we made an offer comparison tool, “The Get-Paid-To Search Engine”. If you are going to start an offer, you should check the tool to see if any other sites will pay you more!

Click to visit our tools and find the highest paying sites.

Screenshot of my Freecash Earnings

Freecash get paid to website payout proof
A screenshot of my Freecash profile showing some of the offers I have been paid for.

Guide to Earning with Freecash

Set up your account

  1. Sign Up for Freecash.com: Begin by creating an account on Freecash.com through this Freecash sign up link. As a welcome bonus, you’ll receive a free reward case just for signing up.
  2. Verify Your Email: After signing up, open your email and click the verification link to confirm your Freecash email address.
  3. Open Your Free Case: Once verified, open your reward case to get Freecash coins valued at $0.05, $0.25, $2.50, or even $250. 
  4. Explore and Earn: With your account set up and bonuses claimed, explore Freecash.com to start earning. Choose from over 2500 paid offers, participate in tasks, and use your earned coins to unlock more cases or redeem rewards.

Set up your device

The following steps are to set up your device and ensure the highest chance of offers tracking succesfully. Full instructions for each step can be found in the Minimize Issues section below.
  1. Set Google Chrome as your default browser: advertisers must track your completion of any offers, and some browsers block the tracking. Chrome does not. 
  2. Accept any cookies: These are required to track your succesful completion of a task.
  3. Disable any adblockers: These will prevent offers for tracking succesfully.
  4. Enable cross-site tracking on iOS devices: By default, Apple turns off the tracking needed to verify your completion of an offer. Turn it back on.

Starting your first offer

  1. Navigate to the Offers Section: Or the Earn Section and browser the available tasks.
  2. Select a Task: Choose a task that appeals to you. Each task will display the amount of coins you’ll earn upon completion. But beware the games that pay very high rewards as these are usually not possible to complete without in-app purchases.
  3. Read the Task Requirements: Carefully read the details of the task. It’s crucial to understand what you need to do, any specific requirements (like reaching a certain level in a game), and the time frame for completion.
  4. Screenshot the Task Requirements: Read the task requirements. You must understand what you need to do, any specific requirements (like reaching a certain level in a game), and the time frame for completion.
  5. Begin the Task: Click on the task to start. If it involves downloading an app, you’ll be redirected to the app’s download page.
Pokerstars Offer on Freecash and RevU Offer
Screenshot of the PokerStars get-paid-to offer on the RevU offerwall

Completing your first offer

  1. Check for a Guide: Make your life easier. There are some guides on Scrimpr here. But I usually start off writing these on Reddit for the r/GetPaidToPlay, r/Inbox_Pounds and r/BeermoneyUK forums. Lots of people also comment on how easy some of the offers are. The r/Swagbucks subreddit also has a lot of good information. 
  2. Fulfill the Task Requirements: Follow the instructions to complete the offer. For example, if you need to use an app, make sure to follow any specific usage guidelines provided (e.g. complete a specific level, make a deposit).
  3. After Completing an Offer (or a task) Keep the browser or app open for a little while after completing each task to ensure that your completion is tracked properly. Then, for good measure, close and restart the app.
  4. Take a Screenshot: As soon as you complete part of an offer, take a screenshot as proof (incase you need to submit a support tick/claim). 
  5. Check Your Coins: Once the task is completed and tracked, your account should be credited with the promised coins. This might take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the task, but some offers can take several days (especially bookmaker/casino offers).

Redeeming Your Coins

  1. Visit the ‘Cash Out’ Tab: Once you’ve got your enough coins, go to the cash out tab to swap them for cash or gift cards.
  2. Choose Your Redemption Option: Select how you’d like to redeem your earnings. The most popular options including PayPal (paid in USD), cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Amazon gift cards.
  3. Enter Redemption Details: Choose how many coins you want to redeem, and enter the information required for your chosen redemption method. For example, for PayPal, you’ll need to enter your PayPal email address.
  4. Receive Your Earnings: Once processed, you’ll receive your earnings through the selected redemption method. Check your account or email associated with the method (like a PayPal email) for confirmation.
Notes. 1) You may need to verify your account with ID before cashing out. 2) Payment is usually instant, but larger withdrawals may need manual approval (this usually takes about an hour).

What To Do When an Offer Does Not Track

Even if you have followed our suggestions for setting up your devices set up to allow cookies, tracking, and completed an offer properly and within the relevant timeframe, sometimes an offer will just not track. When this happens, you will need to provide as much proof as possible that you completed an offer to the Offerwall. They will then try to claim the money from the advertiser. Here’s what to do:

Contact the Relevant Offerwall

  1. Identify the Offerwall Partner: If you started an offer via the offerwall page, you will know what this is. If you started it via Freecash Featured then check your requirements screenshot to see which offerwall was hosting the offer.
  2. Locate the Offerwall Support: Within the Offerwall page, look for a support or contact link associated with the partner. Offerwall partners typically have their own support systems for task-related issues. For RevU, it is the headphones icon.
  3. Submit a Support Request: Use the partner’s support system to submit a request. Include details about the task, such as the task name, what the task required, and when you completed it. If you are able to attach an image to the initial request, attach a screenshot that shows you completed the offer.

Follow Up

  1. Monitor Your Request: Keep an eye on your email or the support portal for any updates or responses to your support request. Some partners may reply quickly like RevU and TapJoy, while others might take longer.
  2. Provide Additional Information if Needed: The Offerwall partner might ask for more details or clarification. Respond promptly, and politely to ensure a smooth resolution process. Attach all the screenshots that you have, or that they ask for. And remember that they cannot pay you if they do not get paid.
  3. Be Patient: chasing payment can sometimes take a while. Give the offerwall some time to investigate. If you haven’t heard anything for a week, send a polite chaser asking for an update.

Additional Steps

  1. Contact Freecash.com Support: If the above fails, reach out to Freecash.com’s support team directly. Ask them to escalate the issue with the offerwall partner. However, be aware that Freecash are famous for telling people “there is nothing we can do”. This is in stark contrast to some other GPT sites (ySense, Inbox Pounds, and Swagbucks), which will escalate complains and will often pay out courtesy credits to users who have had issues.
  2. Check Online: Sometimes specific offers have issues, or they track at a level above what is in the terms.
  3. Use Recommended Browsers, Devices, and Device Settings: Some tasks may only track correctly if completed using certain browsers or devices. Follow any recommendations provided by the task instructions to avoid tracking issues. And check out our tracking instructions below.

Freecash Frequently Asked Questions

Freecash operates as an affiliate marketing platform, where it earns revenue through partnerships with advertisers, offering various tasks for users to complete in exchange for rewards. This business model is common among get-paid-to (GPT) sites like Freecash (and Swagbucks). It is the same model used by cashback platforms (like Topcashback). Essentially, they make money by acting as a middle-man that connects advertisers with potential customers.

  • Freecash lists various tasks from different “offerwalls,” which are platforms that collect tasks from advertisers.
  • You can choose tasks like answering surveys, installing apps, or playing games.
  • Completing tasks earns Freecash money from the advertisers.
  • Freecash share a part of this earning with you in the form of points.
  • You can exchange these points for cash or gift cards, based on your preference.

Like all get-paid-to sites, Freecash and the offerwalls it hosts, offer many different ways to earn. I mostly like game and sign up offers. But here is a fuller list:

  • Completing surveys
  • Installing and testing apps
  • Playing games
  • Signing up for apps and services
  • Watching videos

Earnings from Freecash will vary widely based on the number and type of tasks completed, as well as the time invested. The leaderboard shows that there are many users earning more than a £100 each month. But your mileage may vary. Some users might make a few pence a day with casual use, while new users to the site who complete a lot of offer task can make a lot more. When I first joined Freecash, there was an offer for playing the Raid: Shadow Legends game that paid £100 for one hour of gameplay. But most offers either pay considerably less, or take a long time to complete.

Freecash is decent for those looking to make some extra money online. But it won’t make you rich, and the earnings won’t replace even a part-time income. But they can provide a little supplementary cash flow for little effort.

Freecash is broadly accessible in numerous countries worldwide, offering tasks and rewards to a global audience. However, the specific availability of offers varies based on geographic location and advertiser preferences. To determine if Freecash is available in your country and to see the specific offers available, it’s best to visit the Freecash platform directly or contact their support for the most current information.

Freecash Coins are the in-app points used by the Freecash platform to reward its users. Users accumulate Freecash Coins as they complete these tasks, and these coins can then be exchanged for various rewards.

Each freecash coin is worth $0.001 (1000 coins = $1 USD).

To cash out from Freecash, you must navigate to the withdrawal or rewards section on the platform. Here, you just select your preferred payout option to withdraw. There are many options:

  • Cash via PayPal
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • Various gift cards.

Ensure you’ve met any minimum threshold for your method of choice!

Users can cash out from a minimum of $0.10 (100 coins), but this varies depending on the option selected. Here are some examples:

  • Paypal – $5
  • Stake – $0.50
  • Litecoin (cryptocurrency) – $0.50
  • Amazon gift card – $5
  • Steam gift card – $10

Yes, often Freecash requires identity verification, especially before cashing out rewards. This is a common practice among similar rewards platforms to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with legal regulations. It usually happens if an account has been flagged. For verification, Freecash use the third-party service, Verisoul. Verification includes providing a photo ID to confirm that you are a genuine user.

How to Minimize Issues with Freecash

Toggle Content

This speaks for itself. GPT offers are adverts. You will not get paid if you have adblocking software running.

  • Open the settings app.
  • Click Safari
  • Make sure “prevent cross-site tracking” is turned off.
  • Make sure “block all cookies” is turned off.
  • Make sure “hide IP address” is turned off.
  • And whilst you are there, turn off “Ask websites not to track me”.

Once you have done all of that, test out your tracking with a low-paying, easy offer.

If you use Chrome on your Apple device, make sure to enable “Cross-website tracking” in the Chrome settings too.

  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone and/or iPad
  • Find the “Privacy” section and click on it
  • Click “Tracking”
  • Enable “Allow Apps to Request to Track” by toggling the button on

Whenever presented with the prompt, “Allow (APP NAME) to track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites.”, choose to allow!

Cookies are essential for tracking your activity and ensuring that your completion is accurately recorded. Allow them!

Avoid using a VPN while completing tasks, as they are against the terms of all get-paid-to platforms. Offerwalls rely on your real IP address to verify task completions, and VPNs can mask or change your IP address, leading to platforms thinking you are trying to abuse the system (from another country). If you use a VPN, you will end up banned.

Offers are for new users. To be credited, it must be the first time (at least on a specific device/app store profile) that you have completed an offer.

Ensure you complete each offer on the same device you started it on. Switching devices mid-task can interrupt the tracking continuity, jeopardizing the success of your task completion and the subsequent crediting of rewards.

It is just asking for trouble. Even shared internet in student halls can be a problem. If possible, it is always best to stick to your mobile internet.
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