Make the most of the best bank accounts in the UK.

Interest rates are what many people consider when looking for a bank account or savings product. But UK banks and fintechs provide other perks and bonuses to win your custom. Make the most of them.

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Scrimpr's Bank Accounts & Savings Apps

I have a lot of bank accounts and fintech apps. But these are the ones I use most, what I use them for, and why.



Scrimpr review: Chip is an app-based savings accounts that offers leading easy-access interest rates. You link the app to your bank and can easily transfer money in and out.

Some people don’t like Chip because you can only link a single account. But it is very easy to use, and all savings are protected by the FSCS up to £85k. 



Kroo Current Account

Scrimpr review: Kroo is a relatively new app-based bank. But it offers the highest in-credit interest rate of any bank. So Kroo is where any spare money I have goes. 

Functionally, the Kroo app is very similar to Monzo. It’s from a fintech company, and they seem to know what customers want – useful notifications, and the ability to transfer money between different banks  with ease.


Nationwide FlexPlus Account

Scrimpr review: I have banked with Nationwide accounts for years. For 9 years, I have had a joint FlexPlus account with my partner. The FlexPlus account costs £13/month (£156/year). 

For that price, we both get: 1) mobile phone cover, 2) worldwide travel insurance, and 3) UK/EU breakdown cover. Over the years, we have used the phone insurance and breakdown cover twice, and the travel insurance covered a holiday cancel due to COVID


Monzo Current Account

Scrimpr review: I signed up to Monzo just to get the free fiver. But it is now my main pocket money account, and most of my day-to-day spending is done in this account. 

Everyone should have a Monzo account. It’s simple to add money from another bank (via Open Banking). And if you are spending abroad, you get instant notification of how much you have spent in GBP. I cannot recommend Monzo enough.



Scrimpr review: Chase burst into UK banking scene with a refer-a-friend promo. I signed up just to get the £20. But I stuck with them for their 1% cashback. 

New customers get 1% cashback for a year without any other requirements. But after year 1, customers must deposit £500 to retain the offer. In addition, chase give 1% interest on your current account balance. And they also have a “round-up” feature that shifts some pennies to a 5% savings account.



Scrimpr review: The Reward Current account pays a  for having direct debits and checking internet banking. Nothing special, but easy month.

You get £4 in rewards for having two direct debits, and £1 for opening the Natwest app. But the best part is that you get the fee for a Natwest reward credit card refunded. We used this credit card for all of our spending and have earned over £500 from it (it gives 1% cashback at supermarkets!).

Compare Interest Rates on UK Bank Accounts

The rest of this page provides several lists of UK bank accounts. The list of banks came from the Financial Conduct Authority and Which? Then I trawled the internet for data, and made a big database that automatically updates itself. Most of the information comes from MoneyFactsCompare and MoneySavingExpert – it’s just compiled in one place! And it updates itself frequently.

Current Accounts & Linked Savings Pots

There will soon be a table here that lists all of the interest or reward paying current accounts available in the UK. It includes accounts with linked savings pots.

Instant Access Savings Accounts

This table lists all of the interest-paying current accounts available in the UK. It is automatically sorted by interest rate (from high to low). Use the checkbox filters to limit the types of banks/apps shown.

Regular Savings Accounts

A big list of Regular Savings accounts available from UK banks and building societies. If you only like to do your banking on the high street, you can filter the list!

In case you were wondering, I don’t work for any of these banks. And I am not a financial adviser. I just like looking after my finances – be it discounts, freebies or savings. Most of what I know came from my own experience digging myself out of debt. This was with the help of Martin Lewis and MoneySavingExpert, before that website became a mouthpiece for Money Supermarket. Nowadays, you get better financial self-help information on Reddit and mostly the UKPersonalFinance subreddit,  r/UKPersonalFinance. But on the r/beermoneyuk subreddit, we also try to  also spreads some financial wisdom. I didn’t make this page with the intent of making money, but if you sign up with my Monzo link above (marked with a star), then we will both get a £5 bonus. I’ll get an instant notification if this happens (because Monzo rocks), and will buy myself some mint creams as a treat.

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