Cashback Stacking.
Combine deals to maximise the money in your pocket.​

Combine a cashback debit card / credit card with open banking apps and giftcard cashback to minimise the impact of your essential spending. This is called cashback stacking. It won’t make you rich, but it will save you a decent chunk of change.
Scrimpr Cashback Stacking Guide

The Best Guide To Cashback Stacking on the Internet

Not to toot my own trumpet, but I think you will agree that the cashback stacking guide below is the best one around. Combine the tips below with the Scrimpr tools for maximising cash back, and make your money go further.

Why you should use cashback sites

There are many ways you can “earn” rewards or cashback on your essential spending. For example, you can earn cashback by using a rewards debit or credit card. You can also earn rewards by using online shopping portals, buying gift cards from various rewards apps, or by submitting your receipts to receipt-scanning services. But what is better than a cash back offer? More than one cashback offer for the same shop! Or the ability to “stack” cashback offers.

Cashback stacking (also known as double-dipping) is the practice of using multiple cashback programmes to maximise rewards on a single transaction. Cashback stacking can occur in various ways, such as:

  • Using Coupons and Promo Codes: You can stack cashback by applying coupons or promo codes to your purchase. These codes can provide discounts or additional cashback on top of other cashback methods.
  • Using Retailer Loyalty Programs: By using a retailer’s loyalty program along with other cashback methods, you can stack rewards.
  • Gift Cards and Rebates: Purchasing gift cards at a discount or with cashback rewards and then using those gift cards to make purchases can also be a form of cashback stacking.
  • Receipt Scanning Apps: Some apps offer cashback for scanning your receipts after a purchase. You can stack cashback by using these apps in addition to other cashback methods.

It can be a bit of a chore looking through all of the various apps and methods and trying to combine everything for optimal cashback, but I strongly think of it as more a a pick ‘n’ mix of offers. Try them out, and use the options that you find easiest. By doing so, you can magic a little bit of money back that just might turn into a significant amount of money over time.

The compact cashback stacking guide (instore)

Here is a brief breakdown of the steps to maximise your cashback instore:
  1. Get a cashback debit or credit card.
  2. Buy gift cards from a cashback retailer using your cashback card.
  3. Add the gift card to your mobile wallet (Google or Apple Pay) or print it.
  4. Scan the gift card at the till to pay.
  5. Submit your receipt to a receipt scanning service for more cashback.
Here is a an example of how you can get 7% back on your shopping at ASDA:
  1. Use an Uphold prepaid debit card to purchase a £100 ASDA gift card from JamDoughnut. You will receive: 4% (£4) back via Airtime Rewards, and 2% (£2) back via Uphold.
  2. Add the gift card to Google or Apple Pay.
  3. Activate the ASDA 1% cashback offer in the receipt scanning app, ZipZero.
  4. Do your shopping, and scan the gift card at the till to pay.
  5. Snap the receipt and upload to ZipZero – receive 1% (£1) back.
In total, you will receive £7 cashback just for doing your regular household shopping at ASDA. This is made up of £2 from Uphold, £4 from Airtime Rewards, and £1 from ZipZero. It is money that you would not have had otherwise.
Scrimpr tip: if this has bored you already, just get a Chase Debit Card and use it to buy gift cards from Airtime Rewards.

The compact cashback stacking guide (online)

Here is a brief breakdown of the steps to maximise your cashback instore:
  1. Get a cashback debit or credit card.
  2. Use your cashback card to buy giftcards and get double cashback.
  3. Shop via online rewards portals Topcashback, Quidco, or Rakuten for a third layer of cashback (the triple-dip!).
  4. Enter the gift card details at online checkout to pay.
Here is a an example of how you can save 7% back on your shopping at ASDA:
  1. Find something you want on the Adidas website. Maybe its £a £100 pair of trainers.
  2. Get yourself a student discount code to knock 25% off of the price (your £100 trainers are now £75)
  3. Use your Uphold prepaid debit card to purchase a £75 Adidas gift card from Topgiftcards on Topcashback. You will receive: 7% (£5.25) cashback from Topgiftcards, and 2% (£1.5) back via Uphold.
  4. Now visit the Adias store via Topcashback, click through to the merchant, find your shoes and make your purchase. You will receive another 9% (£6.75) in cashback.
In total, you will save £38.50 and your £100 shoes will cost you only £61.50 (£25 + £5.25 + £1.5 + £6.75). You might be wondering how these retailers can afford to do this – you should be asking why they charge such absurd amounts of money in the first place.
Scrimpr tip: if this has bored you already, just get a Chase Debit Card and use it to buy gift cards from Airtime Rewards.

The very lengthy cashback stacking guide

Step 1: Use a cash back credit/debit card for all purchases

There are two different types of cashback reward sites:

  1. Cashback platforms that work through affiliate links

    This type of cashback platform partners with online retailers and earns a commission through affiliate links that direct customers to those retailer’s websites. It is just another form of advertising, but the advertiser (the cashback platform) passes some of this commission back to the customer in the form of cashback rewards.

  2. Cashback apps that sell gift cards.

    These cashback apps primarily focus on selling gift cards for different retailers and provide cashback incentives when users purchase these gift cards. The cashback is earned when buying the gift card itself.

This second type of cashback app is a relatively new development. The nice thing about them is that they allow you to earn cashback for in-store shopping, when previously cashback was limited to online spend. This added flexibility to earn rewards both online and in physical stores sets these apps apart from traditional cashback platforms that primarily operate through affiliate links. In fact, it has even led to one of the big cashback platforms (Topcashback) introducing their own gift card reward programme, known as Topgiftcards.

Another advantage of the gift card apps is their compatibility with affiliate link platforms – users can spend their gift cards when shopping through an affiliate link platform (this is cashback stacking!).

Cashback debit/credit card providers

These are the best cashback options in the UK.

Step 2: Boost your cashback by buying gift cards

Just use your gift card like you would your Tesco Clubcard – scan it at the till and the value will be deducted from the cost of your basket. When shopping online, you might need to type out the gift card number.
  1. Visit your app or website of choice
  2. See below for the platforms I use

  3. Find the gift card you want
  4. Shouldn’t be too difficult, just search for it.

  5. Buy the gift card
  6. Depending on the platform, you can pay by debit/credit card or by instant bank transfer using open banking.

  7. Receive your cashback
  8. After your purchase is processed and you have received your gift card, you will soon receive your cashback. If you are lucky to have access to an employee discount portal, you would instead have received a discount on the cost of the gift card.

  9. Use Your Gift Card
  10. Use the gift card you’ve purchased when you shop online or in a physical store. Simply add the gift card during checkout or present the gift card at the till. Most shops will scan the barcode, and the value will be deducted from your purchase.

  11. Check your cashback balance and withdraw your rewards
  12. Keep an eye on your cashback app’s account to ensure that the promised cashback or rewards have been credited to your balance.

  13. Redeem Your Cashback

    Once you’ve accumulated a certain amount of cashback, you can typically redeem it through various options provided by the app, such as transferring it to your bank account, using it for future purchases, or converting it into gift cards for other retailers.

Stackable cashback apps and services

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