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How Scrimpr makes (a tiny amount of) money

On Scrimpr, you might come across what are termed “affiliate links”. If you sign up to a service, it might earn me a small commission at no cost to you. This approach is similar to what you might have seen on platforms like Money Saving Expert. Rest assured, this arrangement doesn’t influence the price you pay.

As for the adverts you see around here, there’s not many of them. But they tend to be ones for services that I use myself.

Providing reliable and trustworthy information is important to me, and anyone who knows me from http://www.reddit.com will know that I like to always point out the best way to do an offer…. it gets me a lock of flack on r/beermoney.

However, any income generated does help me keep this site going and creating new tools to help you and others save or earn a little money.

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How we (do not) use your data

Scrimpr does not collect any data. I thought about having a newsletter, and also about allowing comments on some of the posts. But I did not want to have to collect personal information…

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