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Easily compare rewards from GPT sites

This page features the USA edition of the Scrimpr Get-Paid-To search engine. If you are in the United Kingdom, you should check out our original UK version.

Get-paid-to websites, also known as GPT sites, are a popular way to earn money online. These websites pay users cash for completing various tasks and activities. For example, users can answer surveys, watch videos, play games, and more. But with so many GPT sites available, it can be a pain to determine which site to use for a specific offer.

I used to search all of the sites to find the highest payout every time I found a game I wanted to play for cash. It was painful. So I built the GPT search engine. It shows which sites and which offerwalls pay the most for almost all GPT offers. May it help you make more beermoney.

PS – There are over 6500 offers on the GPT sites combined. To make the table load better, we have limited it to display offers that pay at least £2.

Freecash rewards website banner
If you sign up to Freecash through my link you can open a free case and win up to $250 (likely much less though).

The GPT Search Engine - US Edition