Puzzles & Survival Guide to Complete Level 17 And Earn £60

Inbox Pounds, ySense, Swagbucks and other get-paid-to websites will pay you to play Puzzles and Survival. All you have to do is complete Headquarters Level 17. This can be done is a little as eleven days with tricks in this Puzzles & Survival guide.
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Scrimpr Puzzles Survival Guide for Inbox Pounds, ySense and Swagbucks

Get paid to play Puzzles & Survival

Puzzles & Survival is a mobile strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly virus has turned people into zombies. The game is a blend of the classic “city builder” and tile-matching genres. At its core is a sanctuary that players must develop in order to progress. The Sanctuary is your home base where you’ll build facilities needed to survive, research new technologies, and train troops and heroes to fight off zombies. The main campaign is a series of puzzle-matching games where you put your heroes to use battling zombies.

Puzzles & Survival is an okay way to waste time on your phone. But it is heavily geared towards pay-to-play players, who will raid other players via the world map. The game developers make so much money from this kind of paying player that they pay advertisers substantial rewards to convince new users to sign up. Some of these advertisers (Inbox Pounds, Swagbucks, ySense, Freecash, RewardXP, etc.) will pass on some of this money to players and effectively pay people to play the game.

On Reddit, we like earning a little cash for playing games and we write guides to help others do the same. Puzzles and Survival is one of the easiest city builders to earn a little money from. Currently, several sites are paying £60 to new players who download Puzzles & Survival and complete level 17 (reach level 18). This can be completed in around 11-12 days with the tips and tricks below.

Sites that pay you to play Puzzles & Survival

The GPT Search Engine - Puzzles Survival

The Puzzles & Survival Guide

This Puzzle and Survival guide was originally written to help people on r/beermoneyuk, r/Get-Paid-To-Play and r/Inbox_Pounds complete this offer as easily as possible. It has been updated a couple of times. But mostly it assumes you have played the Puzzles and Survival tutorial (the game is simple enough) and just need tips on how to speed through the game as fast as possible to collect your reward from Inbox Pounds, Swagbucks or ySense.

Swagbucks / Inbox Pounds / ySense Offer Details:

Official Requirements: Complete headquarters level 18 in 21 days. 

Reward: Usually between £45 and £55.

Does it pend early? Yes, you should see the reward as “pending” in your get-paid-to account when you hit level 17. If it doesn’t play a day or two more to hit level 18.

Did I complete it? Yes, it took me 11 days. I did not have to farm resources. 

Did I spend any money? Yes, £4.99 for the builder armour. This purchase is not required, but it speeds things up dramatically! 

Time commitment expected: Usual city builder timescales, it is best to spend a few yours on day 1 building your city up as fast as possible. After that, ~10 minutes when you have time throughout the day should see you complete the offer. 

Puzzles & Survival Swagbucks and Inbox Pounds Proof of Reward
My Inbox Pounds activity ledger showing my payment for completing level 70 (the reward was £25 at the time)!.

Key aims & offer terms:

The reward for completing the Puzzles Survival offer on Prodege sites like Inbox Pounds, Swagbucks and ySense varies frequently, but the terms stay the same tend to stat the same: Reach Headquarters Level 18 in 21 days to earn £60 up yourself to level 70 (you do not have to reach the 70th game level). Now earn even more with this epic collaboration between Puzzles & Survival and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Reach headquarters level 18 in 21 days to earn £60! Here is a screenshot of the terms from Inbox Pounds:
Reward terms for Puzzles and Survival on Inbox Pounds / Swagbucks and ySense
The offer terms at the time of writing (September 2023)

Key aims

  • Upgrade Headquarters (the wall & various other buildings required for this).

This is really the only requirement, but to get there you have to:

  1. Build up your city
  2. Defeat zombies in the campaign challenge using your tile matching skiills.
  3. Upgrade your heroes
  4. Collect enough resources to do all of the above (easy to do by simply collecting all of the rewards!)

See table at bottom of post for the building levels required to complete (these are what I finished with when I played through to level 18).

The "I only want £60 and don't care about Puzzles & Survival " guide

  1. Sign up to one of the Get Paid To websites that offer a reward for playing Puzzles and Survival – Check for the latest available offers here.
  2. On the Get Paid To website / app, find “Puzzles & Survival” and click through to download.
  3. Race through the introductory stuff.
  4. Claim the bonus codes below, to get extra bonuses and resources.
  5. Build, build, build. Activate the second build queue to allow you to build twice as fast.
  6. Always click on the Headquarters to see what buildings you need to build/upgrade to reach the next level. Check the table at the bottom of this post also.
  7. Tap anything with a red dot and claim the resources/speedups.
  8. Use your building speed-ups as and when you get them. You get an awful lot in the game, so no need to save them up.
  9. Buy building/general speed ups whenever you can. 
  10. Upgrade your Heroes as much as possible, as you need to complete some of the Puzzle matches in campaign mode.
  11. Once you hit level 17 (or 18 if you are unlucky), collect your reward and never play this game again! The reward will usually pend for 7 days before you can withdraw.

Bonus codes for Puzzles & Survival

To enter and redeedm these codes: click More -> Settings -> Box.

You should get a load of diamonds and other resources that will help get your city build up a little faster.

  1. FB5KF
  3. pnssamsung
  4. pnsamazon
  5. PNS888
  6. END888
  7. PNS777
  8. poz777
  9. 1kcafe


  1. Check out the building requirements in the table below, and look ahead to see what you will need to build for the next levels. Upgrade buildings in advance when the second build queue is idle.
  2. For example, level 15 requires the trading post to be upgraded. To upgrade the trading post, you also need the alliance hall upgraded. It’s best to level up these buildings early.
  3. Use diamonds to activate the second build queue.
  4. Do buy the 3* builder armor for £4.99Builder armor reduces the resources needed for buildings. Lets you save resources for later levels 15-17 where they will be needed! Who wants to farm?! Once purchased, you must equip the armor (click on your profile on the top left of the main screen).
  5. Do the “Ruins” as soon as they are available for a lot of speed ups.You use the coin prize from the ruins to buy speedups. I used these to buy around 100 1-hour speed ups.
  6. Get into a good alliance, if your alliance sucks – find another one. Mine wasn’t that good, but it was good enough.Get spare resources from alliance.
  7. The last two levels require a lot of wood and steel. Check your bag if you run out.I usually had enough resources in my bag, but when I got to the end, I was lacking wood. Turns out I actually had plenty of resource boxes that I was able to trade for wood. If you run out, make sure you check if you have these.
  8. Research all available building and resource boosts.
  9. Make sure to use up your campaign energy using the “Blitz” function. I’ve been doing this when I can’t progress any further. This will get you the components needed to upgrade your heroes.

Obtaining speedups

There are lots of opportunities to obtain speedups in Puzzles & Survival. You want to buy as many as possible and use them to speed up your buildings.

  1. Hero survival shop (trade coins that you win in the arena)
  2. Mystery shop (trading resources)
  3. Ruins shop (using ruins points, must do the ruins to get these, and some days you will suck at that).
  4. Rare earth shop (only available when you have the pits open, mine for rare earth and swap for 10+ hours of speeds up each day)
  5. Also the alliance shop and weekly offers.
  6. And by helping out your alliance and buying speed-ups with the coins you get.

Aside from that, you get speed-ups by:

  1. Fighting zombies on the world map
  2. Hunting zombie lairs or joining in with hints from your alliance.
  3. Using your diamonds when in a pickle.

There are also loads of other events that give rewards. Tap anything with a red dot.

Puzzles and Survival Building Requirements for HQ Level 18

List of building levels required to reach level 18 in Puzzles and Survival

Building Level Comment
Headquarters 18 Main building to upgrade
Wall 17 Secondary building
Fighter Camp 17 Secondary building
Bootcamp 7-17 Secondary building
Steel Plant 15 Secondary building
Gear Factory 16 Secondary building
Gas Field 15 Secondary building
Alliance Hall 14 Secondary building
Trading Post 13 Secondary building
Infirmary 8-13 Secondary building
Shooter Camp 13 Secondary building
Watch Tower 12 Secondary building
Farm 3-12 Secondary building
Vehicle Depot 11 Secondary building
Research Center 11 Secondary building
Warehouse 9 Secondary building
Virology Lab 6 Secondary building
Rider Camp 6 Secondary building
Lumbar Mill 5 Secondary building
Hall of War 1 Tertiary building
Supply Depot 1 Tertiary building
Trap Factory 1 Tertiary building

The "I ain't paying for builder armour" tips

The 3-star builder armor drastically reduces the amount of resources you need for every building. However, you can complete the offer without paying. The tips and tricks came from a Redditor called Little-Jellyfish6167. They managed to get to level 17 in 11 days and recommend leveling up the following heroes to help with the increased resource requirement that you will face:

Name Star level Hero Skills available
Xavis 2 Gas Output / Lower Build Food Cost / Lower Build Wood Cost
Anahita 3 Free Speedup / Build Steel Cost / Build Gas Cost

In addition to levelling these heroes, you will need to farm. Click the link above to see Jellyfish’s comments about farming other settlements!

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