Save more with the Octopus Energy Tracker Tariff

The Octopus Energy Tracker tariff offers customers access to gas & electricity at prices that are below the government cap. These prices follow wholesale rates, and are currently ~30% cheaper than the cap. You can get a £50 bonus when you switch to Octopus Energy, and then benefit from energy prices that track wholesale rates (waitlist applies). But beware that rates could go above the cap.

Comparison of Octopus Energy and Flexible Octopus
Octopus Tracker Comparison

Compare Octopus Tracker and Flexible Octopus energy prices

Use our Octopus Energy Dashboard to compare the Tracker Tariff with the government price cap, find how much money you could save on your energy bills, and keep an eye on rates so you know if ever need to switch back to the price cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the Tracker beat the government cap?

Because wholesale gas & electricity prices are currently lower than fixed rate prices. Octopus allows customers to pay these rates (with a margin built in for Octopus' profit).

If prices go up, can I switch back to the fixed tariff?

Yes. That is why I built the comparison dashboard. Keep an eye on prices, and if they go above the cap then you can switch back to the fixed tariff.

Is it easy to switch back to a fixed tariff?

Yes - to switch back, you just choose a different tariff on your account page. Alternatively, email us or phone Octopus. Switching to another Octopus Energy tariff is effective next day.

How do I sign up to Octopus and access the Tracker?

Due to popularity, Octopus have introduced a wait list for the Tracker tarrif. To gain access to the tracker rates, you must:

Do I need smart meters to join Octopus?

No - you do not need smart meters to join Octopus and receive the £50 bill credit. However, you need smart meters to join the Tracker tariff.

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