Zilch Refer a Friend - Get a £15 Bonus When You Sign Up, and £15 For Each Friend You Refer

Zilch is a virtual mastercard that allows user to earn cashback when they pay as normal, but also allows people to buy now and pay later. New users can benefit from a £15 bonus to spend when they sign up with a link below, add their Zilch card to a mobile wallet, and make a contactless “tap and pay” payment using their Zilch card
Zilch Refer a Friend Free Money Sign Up Bonus Offer


Zilch refer a friend offer


£ 1
When you sign up
£ 1
When your friend signs up

Zilch is an app-based buy now, pay later service. They are currently offering new UK users a £5 to spend when they try out the app. All you need to do is download the app using a referral link, sign up, link a debit card, add your Zilch virtual card to Google/Apple Pay, and spend any amount using your contactless method of choice. No deposit is required.

What is Zilch?

Zilch is an app-based virtual Mastercard provider that is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The app allows you to pay upfront and earn cashback (using your linked card). Alternatively, you can spread the cost of payments over several payments for a cost of £2.50 per transaction. The card can be added to Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Zilch is also a shopping gateway, and provides up to 5% cashback at participating online retailers. Or 0.5% back when you activate your card and shop in store.

The £5 bonus can be spent in any shop, but Zilch also provides a shopping gateway to over 5000 stores.

Zilch does not perform hard credit checks.

Steps to get your free £5:
  • Download the Zilch app using the referral link on your mobile device:
    Zilch £5 Free Bonus Link
  • Enter your details
  • Confirm your email address
  • Add a debit card. To fund your purchases with Zilch.
  • Add your virtual Zilch card to your mobile wallet (Google/Apple Pay)
  • Make a payment in a shop using contactless payment (Tap & Pay)
  • Receive 500 bonus points (worth £5) in your account.
  • Spend your free £5.

To spend your reward, click “Try Zilch Anywhere”. Ensure “Pay is all now” is on, and toggle the “Use your Zilch rewards” switch.

Then spend your £5 using the virtual card details (or in a shop using contactless). If you just want to spend your £5 and be done with Zilch, I would recommend topping up your Amazon account by £5 (no more, no less) to use up all of your reward points.

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