Vanquis Refer a Friend - Get a £25 Bonus When You Sign Up, and £25 For Each Friend You Refer

Vanquis credit cards are designed for credit-building, suitable for those with limited credit history. They feature manageable limits, higher APRs, and an easy-to-use app. Using the card responsibly can improve credit scores. New users can benefit from a £25 sign-up bonus when they sign up with a link below and spend £1 within 90 days.
Vanquis free money refer a friend offer


Vanquis refer a friend offer


£ 1
When you sign up
£ 1
When your friend signs up

Vanquis is a UK credit card company that offers “credit building” cards. They are currently offering new UK users a £25 referral reward when they sign up with a referral link, get approved for a credit card, and make a purchase within 90 days of signing up.

Steps to get your free £25:
  • Click the Vanquis referral link
  • Enter your details and apply for a Vanquis credit card
    Vanquis will check your eligibility first with a soft credit check.
  • Wait for your card to arrive,
  • Activate your card (using the App or by phoning Vanquis).
  • Make a purchase using the Vanquis card (I just topped up my Amazon account).
  • Pay off your Vanquis card immediately (you don’t want to get charged interest).
  • Receive your £25 credit. Terms state that it will be paid within 45 days, but it is usually applied within a week.
  • Spend your £25 bonus – another Amazon top up perhaps!
  • Refer your friends to get a £25 credit when they perform the above steps!

Notes: Vanquis will do a “soft search” on your credit history when you apply. If accepted, they will perform a hard credit search. This is also a credit card offer, so it will be added to your credit report. Usual credit card sensibilities apply.

Other note: It is actually possible to buy, e.g., a £25 Amazon top up and then the bonus will cover your purchase. However, the bonus may not be applied in time. So I recommend doing a £1 purchase and waiting for the bonus!

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