Park Christmas Savings Refer a Friend - Get a £10 Bonus When You Save £25 for Christmas 2024, and £10 For Each Friend You Refer

Park Christmas Savings offer a convenient and budget-friendly way to save for the holiday season. This company specializes in Christmas savings schemes, enabling customers to set aside funds throughout the year specifically for their festive expenses. Their services are tailored to ensure a stress-free and financially manageable Christmas, allowing customers to spread the cost of vouchers, hampers, and gifts from a variety of popular retailers. New customers can get a £10 bonus when they sign up with a link below, and begin saving for next Christmas
Park Christmas Savings free money refer a friend bonus UK


Park Christmas Savings Refer a Friend Offer


£ 1
When you sign up
£ 1
When your friend signs up
Park Christmas Savings is the UK’s largest Christmas savings club. They provide a structured and convenient way for you to set a personal savings target for Christmas, allowing regular instalments towards gift vouchers, hampers, and more. This approach ensures that your festive season is financially manageable and stress-free. As an incentive for new customers, Park Christmas Savings offers a refer-a-friend scheme that includes a bonus of £10 into your account. This bonus can be used towards any of the gift cards they sell, providing additional value for your Christmas 2024 preparations.

Join Park Christmas Savings – Get a £10 Bonus for Your Festive Planning

If you’re considering saving for Christmas with Park Christmas Savings, here’s how you can take advantage of their services and the refer-a-friend bonus:

  • Sign up using a Park Christmas Savings refer-a-friend link.
  • Set up your account with your desired savings goal for Christmas 2023. You have the flexibility to adjust this goal and add to your order up until November.
  • Select from a variety of gift cards and vouchers for your Christmas savings. Choices include popular options like Love2shop, Amazon, ASDA, Tesco, The Purple Card, M&S, Dining out, and more.
  • Decide on your payment method for your Christmas savings. Options include direct debit, debit/credit card (with a £5 minimum), bank transfer, their app, phone, post office, PayPoint outlet, standing order, or by post.
  • Receive a £10 bonus in your account once you have contributed at least £25 towards your savings.
  • Refer friends to earn an additional £10 bonus for each friend who sets up an account and funds it with a minimum of £25.

Note: A minimum of £25 must be in your account to refer others. It’s essential to comply with this requirement to effectively participate in the referral program. I have already set up my account with an initial £25 and a regular direct debit for the rest of the year. Here’s proof of my account setup.

By joining Park Christmas Savings, you can ensure that your next Christmas is well-planned and financially secure, with the added benefit of the refer-a-friend bonus to enhance your festive budget.

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