Freetrade Refer a Friend Offer - Get a Bonus Worth Up to £100 When You Sign Up and Deposit £50, and the same For Each Friend You Refer

Freetrade is an investing app offering zero commission trades – appealing for its zero fees and minimal investment requirements. New users can gain a free share worth up to £100 as sign-up bonus by using a referral link below and depositing £50 (no investment required).
Freetrade UK free money refer a friend offer (free share)


Freetrade Free Share Refer a Friend Offer

Get a bonus worth up to:

£ 1
When you sign up
£ 1
When your friend signs up

Freetrade is a popular stocks and shares platform, similar to Trading212, Both platforms offer a wide range of fractional stocks and shares with commission-free trading, making them the cheapest way to invest. For a long time, Freetrade have been offering new UK users a nice welcome bonus of a free share (with a random value) when they sign up and deposit money onto the platform. New users only have to deposit to get the free share, so it is an nice way to be able to try the platform without putting any of your own money at risk.

Steps to claim your free stock worth between £10 and £100:
  • Obtain a referral link: Since Freetrade does not permit public sharing of referral links, request one on r/beermoneyuk on Reddit via chat or direct message (the sign up link below will take you to the page where people share their links privately on beermoneyuk.
  • Click the referral link you received.
  • Sign up and verify your account on Freetrade.
  • Fund your account with £50 within 30 days (note: you can withdraw this amount after receiving your free share).
  • Receive your bonus share, valued between £10-£100, which will appear as pending. The specific share will be revealed 7 days later when it’s added to your investment account.
  • Explore the app with your free share – you can keep it, sell it, or buy something else, but remember, proceeds from the sale of your free share can’t be withdrawn for 6 months after receiving it. The aim of this bonus is to encourage you to try out the app.
  • Then refer your friends to earn an additional bonus share for each friend who follows these steps. Refer from the Freetrade app by clicking the “Free shares” buttpm.

Notes on Freetrade: Freetrade offers three plans – Basic (Free), Standard (£5.99/month), and Premium (£11.99/month). While the paid tiers offer additional benefits, they are tailored for more serious investors. For starters, it’s advisable to try out the free plan first.

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