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The best user testing sites in the UK

User testing sites provide a lucrative way to earn money in 10-minute chunks of time. I initially covered these usability testing sites in detail over on r/beermoneyuk. I’ve been using these sites since COVID lockdowns, and go through stages of earning a decent amount of money from them. My best month earned me $150 from Intellizoom (linked below) alone.  

The name “user testing” hints at what these kinds of sites do. They pay people to give feedback on customer experiences. Really, there are a few different types of studies that you can apply to take part in:

  • Website tests

  • App tests

  • Game tests

  • Sorting studies (e.g. grouping website menu items)

Almost all studies are unmoderated – there is usually no interviewer. You record yourself doing stuff on your phone/computer and narrate while you are doing it. The recordings are reviewed by a researcher afterwards. These are easy to do – just speak your thoughts as you follow the instructions!

How to earn money with user testing

To sign up to a User Testing site, check out the recommendations below. Visit the sites to sign up. Then you will be asked to submit a practice test. You will be give instructions for doing so, and will be accepted onto the panel if you pass the test. The test assignments are pretty easy – usually involving visiting a website, and talking about what your experience as you perform a couple of tasks. For example, you might have to navigate a website to find the help section and search for help on a specific problem. As you do, speak your thoughts aloud. Say what you like, and also mention anything you do not like or find difficult/annoying! Remember that these researchers want to know what issues the test product has!

Typical pay rate: £8 ($10) for a 10-15 minute test.

And here are my rules for doing user testing studies:

You don’t get accepted if you don’t apply – apply for lots!

Don’t be shy. If you are shy, snap out of it.

Just tell them your thoughts.

The best usability testing platforms




Intellizoom offers normal “think out louds” user testing sessions and lower-paying, but easier, card sort studies. Tests are emailed out, and you can also check the website.


User Interviews


User Interviews is a market research site offering many types of studies (user testing, one-on-one interviews, group interviews, etc.), Sign up and get a bonus ~£8 gift card when you complete your first study.




Userlytics is another user testing site that emails out opportunities to take part in tests. Most studies pay €10. There are higher paying tasks, but I have never been accepted for one.




Testingtime is a market research site that offers occasional user tests. It does not have as many opportunities as others listed here, but they tend to have longer, higher paying tests.




The Usertesting platform has the most opportunities and it pays out faster than all other usability sites. But many studies are IT focussed. Studies usually take less than 10 minutes.




I like Respondent because it frequently has usability tests for financial apps. User tests are limited to finance topics, but there are lots of other opportunities to get paid.

Earn money in other ways.

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Market research

Get paid for your thoughts.

Get-paid-to sites

Get paid for playing games.

Online surveys

Get paid to answer questions

Other user testing sites

These sites are all on my radar, but I have never performed a test with them. So I can’t really comment on how good they are.

Conversion Crimes

Pays $15-$60 a test via PayPal.

Ping Pong

All tests are video calls, rather than unmoderated tests where you submit a recording of yourself.


PlaytestCloud has opportunities to test mobile games. Wish I would get accepted!


This app is now owned by Usertesting. No idea if it is any good.


Trymata used to be called TryMyUI. I have been a member for years, but never got accepted to a single study.


Occasionally gets mentioned on Reddit as a good site.

User Crowd

Never been accepted, but there are never many tests to apply for


By the time I signed up for this, I was having too much luck with Intellizoom and the others above. So I just never bothered…


Has a lot of opportunities, but the website is just a bit too complicated for me to bother with.


Validately is another site that is owned by Usertesting. 

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