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The best UK websites for online surveys

Answering questions is an easy way to make a little money online. It will not make you rich, but it can help help when times are tough or provide a little boost to your pocket money. And there are many online survey sites in the UK. So many that people make a living ranking them in lists of “the best survey sites”. 

Most of these lists are bullshit. They are likely written by people who do not use survey sites, and never have. Rather than a ranking of how good a site is, they are usually a ranking of how much money the website owner will earn if you sign up through their affiliate link. Not on Scrimpr.

Below is an honest ranking of survey sites based on my more than ten years chugging away at online surveys. You will notice that there are no affiliate links on this page. I don’t receive a penny if you sign up to these sites. My “editorial judgement” is not impaired by any bribes. These are just the sites that work for me (among others). Various iterations of this list have been posted on r/beermoneyuk.

God-tier online surveys

You must join Prolific. It is the Henry Cavill of online survey sites.


1 - Prolific

Scrimpr review: Prolific is one of the highest paying, and the most interesting survey website around. Surveys are from academics, and all pay at least £6 an hour. Payment is via PayPal (from £5). Best to leave the site open when you at the computer. Prolific is popular, and when survey appear the spots fill up fast. For your first four payments, Prolific will process your cash out. Payment days are every Tuesday and Friday. After that, you’ll have access to instant cash outs.

Earning potential: anything up to £100 or more in your first week. ~£50/month ongoing is easily achievable.

Demigod-tier online surveys

The next best thing. These websites send out high-paying and interesting surveys. The surveys are usually short. But do not expect money fast – these sites have high payment thresholds that can take a while to hit.


2 - Y-Live

Scrimpr review: Perhaps the second best survey site (after Prolific). Technically, it pays more. But it does have a high payment threshold of £50. And it has less surveys. So it can take a few months to earn enough to get a payment.

Surveys are on a mix of topics and the invitations are emailed to you, so there is no need to check the site. It can be a slow burner, but it is worth it.

Earning potential: a £50 payment ~6 months.


3 - YouGov

Scrimpr review: YouGov is probably the most famous UK survey website. Their surveys are usually political in nature, and the results are often reported in the news. Invitations are emailed so there is no need to check the site.

This surveys are slow burners, but YouGov safe provide an easy way to boost your balance. It was co-founded by Nadhim Zahawi. Make what you will of that.

Earning potential: a £50 payment ~6 months.


4 - Opinium

Honest review: Opinium surveys are usually focused on political issues. They range from 5 minutes in length to around 15 minutes. However, I usually find I complete the surveys faster than the time specified.

There is a withdrawal threshold of £25, but I get a lot of emails with opportunities and manage to cash out usually every second month

Earning potential: a £25 payment ~2 months.


5 - PanelBase

Honest review: PanelBase is a bit of a mix between a survey website and an online recruitment panel. Via their surveys, they provides access to well-paying online communities, focus groups, and app tests.

Survey pay rates are variable, but average out around £6 / hour. There are few screenouts once you have filled in your profile questions too.

Earning potential: ~£20 / month

And the rest

Next best thing. There are a lot more survey websites than I have on this list, but these are the best ones I have found over the years.

Honest review: Valued Opinions has been one of my main survey sites for years. When you first start, you can take up to 5 surveys per day. This increases to 10 after a while. The pay rate is quoted ~£0.75 per 10 minutes, but I usually finish the surveys faster than stated. Often provides access to well-paying online communities.

Approximate pay rate: £4.50 / hour for surveys

Earning potential: Up to £30 / month

Honest review: i-Say has a survey website and app. Surveys are just the usual marketing stuff. Pay rate is ~£1 per 10 minutes, but it sometimes sends you on an endless loop of qualifying questions. Payment is from £5 in a host of vouchers.

Approximate pay rate: £6 / hour of surveys

Earning potential: ~£10 / month

8 - Newvista

Honest review: Pays out from £50. Occasionally has access to high paying product tests. I am slowly working my way towards my next £50, but only get one or two surveys a month.

Approximate pay rate: £6 / hour of surveys

Earning potential: ~£50 / 12 months

Honest review: Lend your mind to science. Testable minds has interesting surveys from academics, but not as many as Prolific. First withdrawal is from £10 to PayPal or Revolut, but afterwards is $1. It is best to cash out to Revolut (and avoid PayPal’s awful exchange rate).

Approximate pay rate: £6 / hour of surveys

Earning potential: ~£50 / 12 months

Honest review: Despite the name, this is really a survey site. It pays about £0.50 per 10 minutes, but has a good “share your viewing history” survey that only takes 2 minutes and pays £2.50-£5.00 a go. Payment is from £10. 

Approximate pay rate: £3 / hour of surveys

Earning potential: ~£10 / month

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